Telling Stories

Today was an interesting day. I woke up quite early and couldn’t get back to sleep. Instead of lazing around I decided to get up and do some stretching. After a quite breakfast I did wake the noisemakers but before the two of them could wake everyone the doorbell rang. Evidently we are like the first stop in the morning for fed ex. This set the boys all wild. Turns out it was a fan part. Yes, the same fan I have been tryingto fix for like a month now. I finally had to call the company and get the part shipped myself. Of course it was only a part of the part I expected but I was able to make it work and I am glad to say I finally fixed the stupid fart fan in our duplex.

The interesting part of the day was that I volunteered to listen to high school students tell short stories. Regan has set up with the help of some of the West Anchorage High school teachers a cool plan to have the kids give short stories about their lives. In Anchorage we have an adult forum called Artic Entries which are short stories told by anyone who would like. It is very entertaining and an amazing way to hear some crazy details about people.

Obviously listening to high school students tell stories about trans formative moments in their lives could end up being fairly disasterous, extremely boring, or…like… well you know not that exciting, but could end up being lol or even yolo? But what else am I going to do without my own kids to entertain me.

The stories were quite good. A bit rough and clearly with some work could all be quite entertaining and informative into these young minds. The truth is, very few of us could have, in our teenage years,  looked back and been able to truly reflect some meaning on a moment we had experienced. I was impressed by the idea of getting the youngsters to attempt this feat. I was also surprised by how many of them had great perspective. Their execution was a bit lacking though. I know that as I have grown older and especially over this year as I got sick the ability to reflect on what has happened is so much more important to understanding, coping and living with life.  I am not sure I am any better at verbalizing it.

I was asked at one point what story I had told at Arctic Entries. I was a bit caught off guard. This was my first group and I had already eluded slyly to my journey this last year but I had not want to make the session about me so I had eluded only. I realized fully just as Beau Mills had told me earlier in the day though that I already had many stories written down. I had been telling the students that they didn’t need to read their stories because they were the story and they owned it.

So I was able to rattle off a high school story with a punchy little ending. The next group I was prepared for and gave a slightly longer version of my journey this year beyond doctor, AML, improving. I included why I write my stories, so Liam an Finn know me if I do die, and to remind everyone to enjoy life. This seemed to give me more credit and I wasn’t asked to give any further stories because clearly this is my story now. I sure hope some day I can reflect back and find some other funny moment so I don’t have to rely on a tear jerker.

Until then I guess I can depend on the emotion of sadness. At least until tomorrow. I thought of some good stories through the rest of the day. I will hopefully be able to find some time tomorrow to write one. I think it would be fitting to see if I can crest 100,000 CaringBridge visits with a more witty story than just a recap of my day. Even though I have to admit I really enjoyed my day.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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