Wet behind the ears

Well this doesn’t feel exactly the same but I can still voice my thoughts. I realized today as I took a few rain drenched ski runs without the kids ( they were swimming and I don’t know who is wetter) that I really need to contact Caringbridge and see when most long term users back out. I know their goal is to help people stay connected but I wonder if they appreciate the power they provide some over talkative patients like me.

I have been posting here for a few weeks off and on but this is the first wordpress only post. I do hope those of you who want to keep follow win my trek were able to find it pretty easy. I think as I move forward this sight may give me a chance to be a little edgier or true to my over passionate mentality. I will admit I was often a little kept with some of my opinions for fear of not upholding the goal of Caringbridge. Not that I have a lot to opine upon currently.

I will try to keep the entertainment level up but mostly I plan to talk about my jaunt back towards normalcy and my ever growing love of my wife and boys. I am still amazed daily as Liam and Finn continue to evolve into rambunctious little boys from the cuddle babies they were. I am constantly awed by Brooke’s willingness to put up with us. Most importantly I am so excited to be a continued part of their lives.

For this first stand alone WordPress post I will kick it off with a reminder to all. We never know when our arms won’t work or our hearts don’t beat, so while you can hug away, that way you know your still alive.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.



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