Liam’s tough day



A picture perfect morning to wake up in Girdwood. About a foot of new relatively light snow. Temperature just below 30 degrees and mostly sunny skies. The only problem was it was the last weekend of spring break and most snow loving Alaskans are pretty excited to have snow finally. This lead to a fairly crowded morning at Alyeska.

None the less we joined our other snow riding friends for the winter enjoyment. We skied a couple of hours. Finn and I stayed with Isla and Robbie while Brooke and Liam braved the massive line to head to the top of the area.

About an hour later Liam and Brooke returned to the lower mountain. Finn and I saw them riding up the chair as we were headed down. Brooke was ready to head to the top on her own. Finn and Isla were hunting for little bits of powder so it took us awhile to get down. As we entered the lift line at the bottom I looked back up towards an intersection to wave Brooke on to a lift heading further up the hill and watch Liam come join us.

The intersection is fairly busy but usually fairly safe. Liam pulled up to the edge heading down toward me. Suddenly a young out of control snowboarder barreled through. Not just the intersection but through Liam.

I have seen some pretty scary crashes in my day. I will have to one day tell the story of almost killing Briko the maury dog when he followed me over a 30 foot cliff but watching your son get mowed down is pretty sickening. I was plowing through the lift line in a second. Skis off I started running up the hill as Brooke reached Liam. Her scream was to say the least frightening. Liam did pop up which was reassuring.

I could feel the fear rapidly turn toward rage towards the boarder. Luckily for all involved the fact that a 200 yard uphill sprint with skis these days will leave me pretty winded. I was still able to verbally acost the girl when I got there. Liam was freaked out but was still functional. In fact he had Brooke more freaked out that he did not want ski patrol because he thought it was embarrassing.

Amazingly Liam is okay but Alyeska patrol now has a rather gruesome looking helmet to show those idiots not smart enough to wear one. They did I fact ask if they could keep it. I sort of wanted it to remind the boys why we want them to wear but when patrol wants to keep it that is a bit cool.

Liam did eventually calm down and as Dudley’s do he refused to be carried down and skied to the patrol shack. After much consoling and conjoling he agreed to go to the local clinic and ended up with six staples. Unbelievably he has no sings of concussion or other trauma. I hope he wants to go skiing again some day.

The day has otherwise been sunny and bright. Brooke and I have checked out heart rates and calmed our breathing multiple times since the accident. Liam continues to be more worried about how he looks. We don’t have the heart to tell him that running around in long underwear probably doesn’t help his image. The truth is although we don’t need anymore reasons to want to hug him tight we will be squeezing him more than he would like.

Everyone better be wearing helmets! Without his I am sure Liam wouldn’t be sitting here getting spoiled watching tv.

Another day of life!

Head Up Heart Strong. I need a cure.



2 thoughts on “Liam’s tough day

  1. Holy moly!! I am so glad he’s okay! I’m impressed you and Brooke have gotten your heart rates back down. And don’t worry, chicks dig scars.

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