Plans including us all

After our eventful day yesterday we wrapped up the day with a little pizza party at the Cant’s Girdwood house. It was very nice of them to let us throw a little party there. Really it was just us, the Cant’s and one other family. It was a very fun night and informative. I state the going on’s in such a fashion because the other family (I am not sure they want me to publicly recognize them) were partly there to discuss a little about their recent crash course into the cancer canyon. Very much like our trip and fall head long into this deep valley last year they have suddenly found themselves facing the rough and rocky trail which is cancer. The battle they face is much different from mine in that they are dealing with breast cancer but similar in that they have little children and really felt like life was on the up swing. In fact she has been a close follower and positive thought provider for me over this last year.

The truth is I was terrified of how I would react when we got together. I have seen them multiple times over this last year but never in such a informational type role. I wondered if I could keep my emotions together because I have recently felt so sad to know that they may be bumping along a similar path. Obviously I wish no one traveled this way but to know them as friends is ridiculously harder than I thought. Brooke and I have struggled with this lately as we watched little Phin Edwards and his parents Val and Brent cope with “the blump” but we have not seen them yet and we know little of what it feels like to have a child be the bearer of the burden. So being asked about facing cancer as a parent and a significant other is so much more real to us.

The evening was very enjoyable though overall. I am not sure we imparted much knowledge but to reconnect and let them know we are in anyway possible able to support was nice. Over the next few months we hope we can be what so many people have been for us which is simply a team player, doing what ever we are asked to improve the journey. So often I feel like I wish I could do more but I know that just being open to silly or mundane requests is vitally important.

The evening ended sooner than any of us would have wanted, we would have rather talked late into the night, it was refreshing in many ways. We all went our separate ways but closer in our minds about how to support each other. I am glad we can be of any little help and hope to continue being part of their team. Even if only in positive thoughts which I will always believe is powerful.

Our day today was quite mellow. No downhill skiing for us as we were one helmet shy thanks to Liam’s donation to the ski patrol yesterday. He is a real trooper. Hasn’t complained once about pain although he continues to maintain he is embarrassed by the whole incident. This aspect of his reaction is quite confounding to Brooke and I. We are both amazed and can’t quit telling people about it and discussing it between us. I think we are more traumatized by it than he was. Brooke and I did get a little nordic ski in our new spring snow. Slow and sticky but still enjoyable. We had and early dinner with the Maury clan and got the kids off to bed early in preparation for the return to school tomorrow. I am sure Brooke and I will replay the weekend events as we strategize for the upcoming week. The fact that we are planing ahead though is always a nice feeling and even more enjoyable that it includes us all.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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