More bends in the canyon

I hoped that when I left Caringbridge I would not have to write about medical fears anymore. That was a riduculous and short lived dream though. As with all Mondays I got labs early in the morning. Later in the afternoon I found out my liver enzymes are continue to move upward. Really it is just my ALT and AST which are enzymes produced by the liver. They can mean all sorts of things. High on the list is medications which I would love to blame for the problem except that I am coming off of most everything. Next on the list would be some viral issue such as a hepatitis. This is usually not a big concern for people especially considering I have had two test for the major acute hepatic viruses this year, both of which were negative. The problem is when you get a large number of blood transfusions or blood products you have a higher risk of running into a blood source which was not screened well enough or someone donated in what is known as a window where the infection can not be detected. This makes it entirely possible that I could have been lucky enough (not really) to get a hepatitis.

The other big concern would be Graft Versus host in my liver. This would not be good for multiple reasons. One is it is hard to treat, lots more immunosuppression, which I do not want and secondly it is hard to treat, can be overwhelming.  So realistically I spent a good deal of today not extremely happy with this development. The real problem is that the answer is likely to be elusive and I am not a fan of just trying more meds on myself and I really do not want a hepatitis. All I know is that I am really starting to hate the month of March. IT has already been a month of tumultuous news and on the heels of last March I am not real optimistic about what might be coming down the road towards me.

All that being said I still feel reasonable. My other labs look pretty good. I finally had a hemoglobin over 10 although I may have been a bit dehydrated which drives it up but it is improving slowly. This makes me even more enthusiastic about getting off the cyclosporine. I guess as I have many times this year though I will have to stuff my negative thoughts under the pillow and just sleep on it. Hopefully I can find some easy answer. The cancer canyon has thrown me another bend. I just hope I can navigate my way through it without too many scrapes. I am sure I have said this before but I am tired of cancer and I would like my life back.


Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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