Enjoying the day


A beautiful blue sky day in Anchorage today. Very little wind and the sun made it feel down right pleasant. I got out for a ski this morning and was able to drop down onto the mud flats at the tip of town below Point Wornzof and ski on crust snow all the way to Kincaid. It was amazing to be out cruising in the sun with three volcano’s looming to the right and the largest mountain in North America clearly visible behind me. The snow was quick and I felt almost healthy again. I say almost because even on days like this where I am out enjoying the world I am often overcome with that awful memory that I am coping with cancer. I really try not to let it creep into my thoughts during those moments of the day I am enjoying life but it is funny how at those very moments of realizing how amazing the world is I (as well as any cancer warrior) are reminded of the battle. 

This being said I still really enjoyed the little bit of adventure. I have heard about being able to ski down there for many years but it has never been quite right or I never had the time to make it happen so it was a pleasure. As with most activities it reminded me of all the early morning crust skiing I did growing up in Colorado. So many memories and exciting times from those excursions up on Rabbit Ears pass. Days of skiing for 3 hours and never crossing over a track or feeling like we might be lost only to pop out into an opening and at realizing we had been there once before a few years prior and working it out how to get back to the car. I really love the skiing there and I miss it a lot up here. The freeze thaw cycle is just not quite as strong around here given the lack of sun strength and the mellowing effect of the ocean. That being said this morning was pretty cool.

Once I reached Kincaid I met up with Brooke and the boys. We did some fun hills, watched the national championship sprints for a bit, and struggled to get Liam to try some new skis as he is outgrowing his current set up. Eventually I took the boys and Brooke retraced my journey out back to home. The afternoon was a bit lazy. I tried to teach Liam how to clean our floors as a punishment for his ice chucking stunt. I don’t know if it was punishment for him and he found repeated ways to frustrate me. He did eventually get the job done though. Finn spent a good deal of time soaking in the warm of our back deck blowing bubbles clothed only in his backwards underwear.

We spent the evening at the Maury house with Joe, Ashley, Toni, Kirby, Llyod, Ulyanna, Pete and Leah. Before dragging the boys home complaining that it was clearly too early for bed given the sun was still setting. This is a constant battle in the north in the summer. It is often hard to fight the boys on this but Finn was asleep in about 10 minutes so clearly the time was right. I am now heading off to bed. Jim and Gayle will get here sometime tonight to do another two weeks of work for me. I am still in awe that Jim will do this for me. I am sure I will never be able to repay such a gesture. Tomorrow I will get my labs again and I am crossing my fingers my liver is looking better. I have been living in fear of the numbers which I hate to do but it is hard not to worry. I feel good though and I hope that counts for something. Whatever the results I am living and trying to enjoy each day.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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