Another please.

After a fairly eventful day yesterday today was more routine. Boys up, boys to school, went to breakfast with Jim and Gayle, went for a beautiful ski with Jim, lunch, a little sit in the sun on the deck, got Finn, played in some puddles, gawked at a grader clearing snow, made dinner, helped with soccer practice, played with some new friends and off to bed. We did spend a good deal of the day entertaining questions on facebook and via messages about our families brief appearance on the local news encouraging the use of helmets.  I am often a bit worried about what a media source may do with the information you provide them but KTUU did a good job of editing the little segment. Liam was quite excited to see it this morning. The outcome was much better than the last time I watched a KTUU story with him about our family. That episode was when I was on encouraging people to sign up for  bone marrow donation. As many of you know I neglected to prescreen that  video and when they started talking about my chance of survival it really freaked Liam out. I was happy that Liam seemed more excited about his story than he did a week ago when he didn’t want us telling anyone.

The night is drawing to a close now though and I don’t seem to have any reasonable words of wisdom. I still find that although there are days which I don’t seem to have much to say I can’t just not write. This ritual has become such an engrained part of my end of the day routine I can’t shuck it. I am sure I will eventually find it cumbersome and will start to tapper off the amount. For now though I still feel that it provides me with some sort of health incentive to keep blabbing. I don’t or can’t really see quite as easily on this site as I did on Caringbridge who or how many people are still checking in on me. I get a rough idea and it is probably the small group of loyal readers who have really been my mental support system since diagnosis. I can’t say enough about the strength I get from knowing people still check on me, even if it is only occasionally. I often listen to Brooke talk of her ideas for medical studies around physical activity tracking and the like. I really wish I had the know how to put together a study on if the new media age and usage of social media has an effect on devastating diagnoses. The truth is that I am probably to lazy because I could likely figure it out but I would be so worried that I would be missing other important aspects of life like watching my kids grow up. That is a pretty lame excuse but I figure I have another year or so to use that (as long as I stay healthy) before I really do have to act on some of these social good ideas wandering in my head.

As for now I will enjoy the routine days and revel in the small moments my family provide me. I guess to an extent I am carrying out one social good by reminding anyone who reads to enjoy all that life has to offer especially the small stuff. Without it life is just not as fun. I think back to a year ago and just remember what I would have given to be watching Liam and Finn romp in the snow or play on the field as I sat looking out the window of UW at the Montlake cut counting the boats going by between episodes of fever and delirium from Voriconazole. What a downer! What a difference a year can make, what a difference cancer can make, I really prefer the sort of routine day I had today. I’ll take another one of these please.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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