Good and tired

There have been days when I have felt decent in the last year. Today, I am tired. I am not tired from not sleeping, getting up to pee, vomitting, coughing, nurses waking me up, timed medications, IV medications needed, anemia, or any of the other myriad of difficulties which made me tired this past year. I am tired becasue I really got out today. I am tired from watching my boys, skiing, the sun, ice skating, talking with good friends, good food, all the ideals of a normal happy Sunday. I am tired becasue I lived. I lived a day that really almost felt like I didn’t have cancer. In fact I hope I don’t have it anymore. Yet, I lived today as if I didn’t. I have been tired a lot this last year and I will tell you that this tired feels much better. May all your tireds be from living happily.


Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.Image


2 thoughts on “Good and tired

  1. yes, matt, there are still some devotees reading your posts. me being one of them….well, the Barbier family of Steamboat now has its own cancer to deal with …. Ben’s dad and my X has been in Denver at Swedish Hospital for tests because of a constant low grade headache and a crossed eye and now a pain under his ribs that is painful enuf to not let him sleep. brain biopsy, stage 4 brain cancer and the big C on his spine. today, monday, brain biopsy and scan of organs to see where else it may lurk…Gil has another wife and 2 kids, Elise 11 and Evan 15 both xc racers. This is unbelievable and we are all in shock. so we now need your strength to get us through this. joanie b.

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