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So I have tried for the last 10 minutes trying to get that last picture set to the appropriate size but can’t seem to and I feel that is already too much time. I am leaving as such. These are pictures from essentially 12 months ago, 6 months ago and today. I wanted to put this in because; one, I just got a hair cut (I am pretty pumped that I need to get my hair cut again), two, A few weeks back at a med student class the students were looking at pictures of patients who look oddly different and I thought this was a decent example of personal oddity, thirdly, I wanted to remind Thea Bemben that pictures of yourself are important so people know what is happening and as cancer fighters we don’t have anything to hide, finally, I just needed to remind myself that despite my liver arguing with my improvement I am still looking pretty good even if my ears look too big.

Seeing as the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words I think I have said enough for today.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.




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  1. I can’t see your latest photo but since I just saw you at the lagoon, I know you’re looking great. I will keep up with my photo record. It’s like diving really deep and then coming back up to the surface. Thank you, Matt!

  2. Your transparency in dealing with all this is amazing. You have touched many lives and continue to do so, thank you for your stories.

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