Puddle riding

The forecast for about the last week has been that we are heading into some cloudy rainy weather. Again though we woke up to a day with more sun than clouds. Despite the sun and relatively warm temperature the boys seemed  bit burned out after our day yesterday. We lounged around the house before I could convince them that another nordic ski would be good. Once out on the skis both Finn and Liam were pretty jovial. Even though I had a bunch of grandparents (Jim, Kirby, and Toni) I was feeling a little run down and elected to just tool around with the mini crowd we formed. The snow is melting fast and the skiing here in town probably won’t be around longer. I have really enjoyed this past month though and it is better than walking around the neighborhoods of Seattle and far better than the hallways of UW hospital.

The rest of the day was spent helping Liam with some homework, helping Finn get a nap (of which I partook in also) and some slushy ice removal from the driveway. I sure hope my boys keep their love for menial tasks as they get older. Watching them cut drainage ditches and fling slush was rather entertaining. Eventually we were down to pretty much bare ice and it was time to join the larger Maury family for Annie’s birthday. The boys insisted on bike riding which was wet but fun. The ride energized them and they were very entertaining at dinner. Finn was extra cute in discussing Liams’ recent TV appearance for the helmet and his ability to kick bulls into fences (no idea where that came from). The ride back home through the puddle filled, ice lined streets was rejuvenating again and after some struggle they are finally asleep.

 I am sure one of these days the weather forecast will be correct and our amazing late winter run of sun and fabulous skiing will come to an end. I am immensely happy though that I have stayed healthy through this period. Tomorrow I go back for another set of labs. I would be lying if I didn’t state I was very anxious about them. I have felt so good of late and the idea of my liver being worse or my platelets going down further is horrifying. I hope the liver is improving and although it would mean I have liver GVHD I would take it to avoid further worry about what is going on. It is ironic to think I actually want to be wrong in my prediction of last week that the cause was medication related but really I just want the numbers to improve so I can keep feeling as though I am moving forward. I would rather the weather get crappy and I feel fine versus the other way around. The truth is I just don’t want to miss any more puddle riding with the boys.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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