Candy free Easter

Easter a time of rebirth or reawakening in a holy sense mixed with the a pagan symbolism of fertility, a rabbit hiding eggs. Where these two came together to create a holiday centered around mini chocolates and overly sugared children is beyond me. Brooke and I have very different ideas about how this holiday should be celebrated seeing as we have no real religious affiliation we don’t feel the constraints of a predetermined day of worship. I feel like let the kids go wild and enjoy the hunt, the excitement of the find, the sugar rush which follows and move on into the day. Brooke feels the sugar only creates little monsters which she does not feel like corralling all day so she has dictated that there will be no candy.  I can’t really argue, I can be passively unpleasant about the idea. I spent the morning recalling the excitement of my childhood egg hunts in Little Toots park, Howleson Hill, and through the Dudley house. I recalled Golden egg hunts on Mt. Warner while hopped up on chocolate and sweet tarts and reminded her of video’s of her grumpy attitude as her siblings searched for eggs as a child. Needless to say this whole technique was not well received. 

Our kids did however enjoy the excitement of hunting for eggs. Liam was a little perturbed by finding them filled with peanuts, dried fruit and a few quarters. He got over it pretty quick. Toni and Pop joined us for breakfast and it was wonderfully spring like. I got a short ski in and we took a short exploring hike at Kincaid with the kids in the afternoon. Jim made it to town to attempt another round of my job only at our Long Term Acute Care facility. He is as usual very upbeat but I can sense his unease as he reads about some of the slightly overwhelming issues some of the patients have. Yet, I am sure he will win some hearts and make some of my group look lesser in the eyes of the patients and staff.

We finished the day off with a Easter dinner at the Maury house. I was tentative with my eating as I am weirdly hoping my issues with the liver may be related to iron overload although I am more convinced that I am having some worsening GVHD. I hope my Easter rebirth starts tomorrow when I get labs that show some improvement. I would have to admit though that I am a bit pessimistic and as always anxious. I described it today to Brooke as watching a train wreck about to happen. I can see the break in the tracks and the engineer trying to slow down but knowing it won’t happen in time. I am afraid that I have kept such a close eye on my labs that this is why I see the slow change but that my team is a bit unimpressed because of the slow nature. I do know that this week I plan on being a bit more pushy about devising a plan of action no matter what the labs show. However, I would be happier if my body just started acting more like I was actually improving.

I hope you all enjoyed your whacky holiday festivities.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


3 thoughts on “Candy free Easter

  1. Aha! I’m finally back following your new blog, just in time to leave the Cove for a month of visiting and hiking in Scotland. I signed up with you on my backup email address, which will hold your updates until I get home. I don’t travel with a laptop. I continue to wish you well in your long slog towards renewed health. Happy Easter and Passover and Spring, the season of rebirth and redemption. Love to the whole family, Diana C.

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