Not much

The fact I am struggling to think of something to write is usually a good sign. My mind is a bit more at ease. Although I though much about Leukemia, my other random problems, my new cells, my liver and my immune system today I was unable to work myself into any frenzied worries. It has been a long day. Finn was awake most of the night reporting belly pain and eventually started throwing up. This is always such a hard situation especially with Brooke working and my recent revival of cyclosporine (immunosuppression med) dosing. Brooke dealt with the poor little guy for a while before she knew she had to sleep. I helped him cope from about 430 on. This lead to a pretty mellow day for the two of us. Finn did state he wanted to go to school but we didn’t let that happen. He did sleep until about 930 when he threw up again. We had a lot of talks about remembering to wash our hands an why this time of year it is a really bad idea to eat snow. Who knows where he got it but I really do not want whatever bug he got.

I have felt a bit nauseated starting yesterday and I can’t tell if it is just that I got a bit of whatever he got, or if I am crazy, or if my old nemesis GVHD or CMV is flaring up. I would like to blame it all on the immunosuppression but I am at a loss anymore for what may actually be right for my body. I haven’t heard anything from the Seattle team about what to do regarding my liver so I am trying to take that as a sign I shouldn’t freak out yet. Still having a gastroenteritis case in the house is not something that sit well with me. I really hope despite all the time I had with Finn today I can avoid it. 

Otherwise my day was low key which I will take. I spent a good deal of time today thinking about Thea, our friend battling with breast cancer today. She had another round of chemo and I hope she is tolerating it as well as her first round. I know my second round was pretty mellow compared to my other rounds but the anticipatory anxiety was the biggest issue. I just hope she breezes through. I think we could all use a little breezing through tough times, might as well be now.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


One thought on “Not much

  1. Hi Matt, I hope you aren’t throwing up. Hooray, I didn’t throw up or really feel that bad. A little up and down over the weekend but we still got out and enjoyed the sun. I went for a slow run and we got a ride along bike for Mae and she loved it so much we biked on the Bird to Gird trail with her. It was really fun. Thanks for thinking of me. I am happy that this round was about the same as the first and I am just feeling really thankful for that. I hope you are feeling good today. See you soon, Thea xxxx

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