I need a nap

I have “wiped out” a lot in my life time. Skiing, biking, surfing, on scooters (actually a good story) but tonight I am just plain wiped out. In an attempt to try getting myself back in “shape” for working I have been waking up with Jim to take him to work. This is a nice time to discuss patients and try to answer some questions he may have. He has less questions everyday though it seems like. As with his time up here on our swing shift he has figured it out and his years of experience provide him with more than I could. He continues to seem to enjoy it and I am sure he is wowing our staff again with his demeanor and care for patients. 

While he was doing my job I was trying to get some tasks done around the house. I took the boys to school, then started in on enlarging a shed in our yard. I am sort of breaking the rules I was given for post transplant by doing some light digging in the yard. I did wear an N95 mask though. Doing some actual hard labor felt invigorating while I was doing it but I am a bit sore now. I got the foundation laid out and a deck set up. I also did my exercise for the day which entailed the bike wind trainer so I could watch a little UEFA soccer. Later this afternoon I got the boys picked up and home before I partook in a Medicine X hangout on line.

This was my first experience on a panel online. Despite my lack of computer knowledge and some technical issues it was a good time. I realized I really need to get more proficient at Twitter though. I see it could be a very powerful tool in dispensing and collecting valuable information on medicine. Although I did point out the fact it could be dangerous I do believe it has merit. I will have to add it to my to do list. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about if I would have anything to add to such a discussion but I can’t get over how much having the feeling of support through CaringBridge and now on wordpress has been for me this year. Speaking of which I did talk to a member of Caringbridge the other day and she stated that I could continue to use their site. Although I really love their set up, very easy and user friendly I still feel I may be outside the targeted goal but I would encourage anyone to use it. I am still following a number of people on it and it is invaluable to helping ease my concerns about them.

Well, I think I am rambling because I am tired. I think I could really use a daily nap again. I may have to figure it in some how tomorrow.


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