Birthday sun

May day was yesterday and it was a gorgeous day here in Alaska. Today was almost better. Occasionally we get some amazing early summer like weather in the middle of spring and that is what we got today. It seemed warm from the get go this morning. The term warm is relative to us really. The temperature was really only like 40 degrees but it was rapidly up to almost 60 by 10 oclock. We went for coffee after Finn and I dropped Liam off at school. Brooke, the grandmas and I discussed the birthday party we had for the boys this evening. Brooke and I went for a short but amazing run/walk at Kincaid. The warmth of the sun on the south ridge was tremendous feeling. I am sure I shouldn’t be getting this much sun but it is tough not to enjoy it. The warmth in the air had created the hazy moisture appearance often seen on the ocean in warmer locals. The multiple mountain ranges in the distance looked a little whited out and the low horizon faded to a very light blue as the sun streamed through the moisture in the air from the warmth on the water in the cooler air.

After our run and some party preparation I gathered Liam and a number of his friends. The bike gang made our way back through the neighborhood to the park. The party was a hit. Lots of fun, lots of good conversation, lots of happy kids, lots of happy parents and a lot of sun. Liam has had one party like this when he turned two and it was an amazing day but today was even more enjoyable. The real reason was that I made it to see the boys birthday party. Last year although I was feeling okay I was stuck in Seattle after the second round of chemo. I was happy because I had achieved remission but we were worried about flying because my white blood cells were so low. We had planned on making it back for the boys birthday party but Seattle didn’t really let me go. I could have just not listened to them but at the time I wanted to do everything right so I could see more birthdays. In my mind though I was freaked out I wouldn’t see another one. This realization early in the day made the day even sweeter than it would have been just from the weather.

Watching the boys race around with their friends. Watching them smile. Watching them share these moments with their friends. Watching as a group of doting parents appreciated their kids youth. Watching as my kids built memories with me in them was fantastic. I know it was their party but I have to admit it felt like I was receiving the gift. The gift of being with them and part of their lives. I don’t even care if the weather is crappy for the next 20 birthday’s I want to be there for them and even more. 

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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