A year ago when I was in the process of trying to get back to Anchorage I wrote a good deal because I missed my friends and family, I missed my life. Today I don’t feel like I have to write much because I spent a wonderful evening with my friends. As the lengthy golden evening began our deck was bathed in light. The feeling was one of true summer. The boys dancing to their own laughter as they dipped and plunged through the first sprinkler of the season. In a short time we were joined by friends with more kids. The joy of childhood grew louder and even as the sun ducked behind the house the evening was ever pleasant. The lingering light which even now has not left the sky outlasted our children and our own adult conversations which were far ranging. I don’t have to write tonight because I was able to communicate in person. I never thought the simple act of connecting with others was as important as I do now. I don’t need constant interaction but I am very much enthralled with the feeling of friends. We are not meant to be on our own. Talk with someone.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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