When your four year old sits on your lap and says, “it is a glorious day” you can’t help but realize that where you are is a spot you probably really should be enjoying. Today when Finn sat on my lap and let this out we were sitting about two thirds of the way up a pretty popular hike hear in Anchorage up a little drainage on Little O’malley peak. The sun was warming the hillside and making the early May in Alaska feel more like mid June in the western Rockies. In the distance we watched paragliders soaring around, we could see Anchorage stretch out far below us, beyond that to the west the large dormant volcano Mt. Spurr, the sleeping lady Susitna and to the north through the haze of pollen Denali was visible. Just below us in the willow we could hear Liam chatting away with Brooke as they made their way up to us. At that moment I felt for a few seconds like the worries of the last year were just a dream. The fact that worries of any sort could creep into my mind was annoying but I wasn’t going to let it touch the wonder and weightlessness of the moment. I squeezed Finn a little tighter. I told him I agreed and I really liked being there with him.

After a few more moments of sitting there he asked me if this place was always free and that he liked that. I told him I hoped it would always be free but that I didn’t know. I told him that is why we should enjoy it because you can never tell. He asked me if it was always this nice. I pointed out to him that I had been here many times before and although none were as nice as this I seemed to always like it. He finished the conversation by saying he like it a lot and that we should keep going up. I wanted to just hold him there for longer and not let that moment go. I wanted Liam and Brooke to join us so we could all be in the “glorious” at the same moment but 4 year old boys don’t sit very long.

On this day,  Mother’s day, we celebrate the power, and strength of the women who mean so much to us. We come up with simple gifts, or elaborate gifts, or wild ways to fill their day. My guess is although those things are wonderful and often quite thoughtful what they really want is to be reminded about how lost we would all be without them and to hear us thank them for all the crap they put up with to make us who we are. One of the most amazing things about Mothers day though is that despite the fact it is supposed to be about moms so often, as with most things motherly, the day ends up being about family. That is the power of a mother, to bring everyone together and provide some perspective on what is important.

Although my conversation with Finn was a bit selfish in that Brooke didn’t get that moment I hope she enjoyed her other times of the day with each of her boys. I wish my mom could have had a second with each of her boys. I bet most mom’s would like that gift more than anything really. Watching kids grow is such an awesome and treacherous balance. Although I couldn’t bottle Finn up for a few more minutes to hang out with his mom the idea that she has raised not just one but two sweet kids, even through this crappy year is pretty amazing. As Finn turned and headed up the hill I glanced back to see Brooke gabbing away with Liam. She looked happy and I hope she knows, as a mom she is as glorious as any day I have seen.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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