Spirt which stayed

This is a little goofy. I have thought about trying this many times and never seem to get the poetry idea done. But here I gave it a go. We will see.


 I often wonder, if I was to poetry slam or write a jam

about the disease leukemia, Dam!

what would I say and how would it sound

 would be weak or even slightly profound

could I make anyone understand

the fear I feel like the irritating sand 

in your shoe just after a short walk on dunes

or the mind scape of my old self ruins.

I was a healer a physician, a doc

then oh shit the barrel not the stock

was in my face and I the patient, I was sick

a nasty life changing trick

A scenario I can’t walk away from, I can’t run

a new life I had begun.

It isn’t a cold or a sprain

it doesn’t come and go like rain.

I am a patient at breakfast, when the light turns red,

while the elevator comes, the paper is read

the little break, the children are lead

the extra moment, until the dark of bed.

looming always looming the fears and thoughts

the should I do the should I oughts,

and wondering while my brain roughts

Can I do this, can I get on with life

coping with the lows the strife

and wondering will I leave my wife

or kids. what about there little minds

the way their thoughts turn and road winds

what will in the change may they finds.

as we wonder together through the mines.

but that is where the strength must lie

the ability to walk on by

the ability to fight and try

accepting that we all must die.

yet the ever present question did we live?

did I do enough, do I have more to give

small moments seem imperative

as all our lives pass through the sieve

there is no stopping but I can enjoy

and even the optimism I employ

will be the tool or even toy

I will not let this cancer destroy.

This is the long road no end in sight

the constant climb the bloody fight

the whole day through morning noon and night

but in the end may I be right.

On I go to the next day

on I go with my boys to play

on I go with the fight, the fray

And here I am I plan to stay.

I am not done yet

to many people on me bet

the winner when the sun has set

the wings on the plane of a jet

a tougher nail than cancers met.

I have a spirit that I wouldn’t trade

I have a spirit my friends have made

I have a spirit that just won’t fade

I have a spirit of the highest grade

I have a spirit which simply stayed.

To all who cope and struggle may your spirit always be strong.


Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.






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