Because I can

The joy of being in Halibut cove is so difficult to summarize into a little snip of a story. I really wish I had intervener access with my computer so I could ramble on about all the wonderful aspects of a day here. The quick bumpy boat ride to Homer for some supplies with Finn squiggling in my arms with young boat rider fever, seeing multiple cove people milling around town, helping others pack lumber down to returning boats knowing they are all so glad to see me just around much less helping haul, simple chores made longer but more enjoyable as Liam tags around asking questions, trouble shooting mechanical and electric problems I should pay someone else to deal with, kayaking to pick up some free fresh fish just because it is more fun than walking, and the always interesting stories of the hardy few who choose to struggle to live here, all with a smile. There are so many highlights of a day here. Some are triumphs some are fails. Often we find ourselves doing tricky or out of the way little adventures simply because we can. That to me at this point is what is so enjoyable. I simply can.

Another bonus is the view from my bed as I contemplate the fruits or lack there of on my day.


Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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