The last couple days have been a bit cloudy and rainy here in the cove. No matter the mood was sunny. The boys have been continuously moving around enjoying the never ending exploration of children on an island. We have spent time chasing around the house finding new hiding places which are innumerable given the greenery and sheds. We have kayaked, fished, rowed, ridden horses, and eaten fine meals. We found time for some naps and reading as well. R

Over the last day we met some new friends who were here to do an interview and get some video for the MedX conference I will be attending in September. It was pretty smooth and Finn really took to bring on camera. I spent a good deal of time talking about leukemia and what I have learned along the trip so far. I still have trouble narrowing the salient points though as my perspective continues to evolve.

I did find a little self time also. This morning I got out to kayak on my own. It was a smooth calm morning. The shining sun bouncing off the few ripples of the bay as I cut through the water. I have paddled around this island hundreds of times on kayaks or paddle boards. Every time it is a little different though. This morning I thought about how I used to race around trying to get a workout. I thought about how difference between being quick and mobile in my single kayak versus the slower louder double filled with the boys. I contrasted that to the balanced feeling of the stand up boards and the slightly different view from 6 feet higher. Although it was calm I reflected on how even more wild the difference is from the view on my belly from a surf board. How a wave can appear almost menacing from that angle.

My life is not the same anymore. I am doing many activities I used to but the view, the angle, the perception and perspective are all so different. As I cut through the slightly calmer water of this last few months I am glad to have a different view from years past. I miss the old looks but I am still seeing life in a light that is colorful. No matter what I hope to keep that perspective.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.





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