Knowhow and action

Fathers day is obviously a big day mentally for me. The fact I got to hang out with my son for another year is pretty precious compared to how I felt last year. I say son and not sons because Liam is still hanging out in Halibut Cove with Grandma Toni. The idea that I could let him be away from me and not be freaking out is mentally a good reminder I am doing relatively well. I year ago I wouldn’t have fathomed letting him be away from me just in case I took a turn for the worse which seemed quite possible. Yet, beyond my feelings of happiness to be a daddy today is my unmatched gratitude towards my dad.

Lots of people will and do claim that there dad is the greatest. I think of all the little playground arguments kids have about “my dad is so strong he could…my dad is so fast he could…my dad is so cool he could…” but I am pretty positive I could top most if not all claims that my dad is the best. Many people know of Jim’s sacrifices and devotion to his family, his community, his patients and would agree that is awesomeness is deeper than the pockets of the one percent. He is clearly rich in his character. Before this year of trial Jim was clearly highly respected. Despite leaving his practice and being dragged from his community he has shown the true fortitude and love it takes to be an amazing father. Realistically, no one would argue that his knowledge and understanding of being a dad is above all others. Often people with tremendous knowledge lack some ability to act outwardly on their insight but occasionally you meet someone who is the total package. When it comes to being a dad Jimmy is that perfect combo of know how and action.

In our house growing up there was a needle point framed picture with a saying that said, “Anyone can be a Father, but not every one is special enough to be a Daddy.” I think of that little saying all the time when I hang out with my boys. I hope and think I have done a pretty decent job at earning my proverbial Daddy standing. I used to always think that the image of the Daddy on that needle point looked like my dad. I know for a fact though that my Dad clearly lived by that saying. I haven’t felt all that lucky this year and there are a lot of little moments when I realize how lucky I really am but I will have to say probably one of the top strokes of luck in my life was to be granted my Dad.

Thank you for everything. My dad is the best.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


2 thoughts on “Knowhow and action

  1. Yes Matt you are right. Jim is the best and we know it. Enjoy every moment with him. Your boys also know you are the best daddy!

  2. Although we all love our fathers and they are the greatest because they are what we know best. I also sadly know a few who are not great AT ALL! However I have too say because of all we have experienced over the last year with you and your writings and what we know of your dad, you are a lucky feller! Your dad is pretty damn awesome!

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