How true it is.

We have returned to Halibut Cove which makes writing a bit tricky. Finding the time is one issue, the internet continues to be slow to non existent at our house, and pulling myself away from the scenery is the last hurdle. We have had a wonderful first day back. The boys jumped right back into life here. Boats, kayaks, fishing all under the mid summer sun.

I had brought a new book to read thinking our amazing summer weather has got to run out. The day today was unbeatable weather wise. We had a common day breeze in the late afternoon. I took the chance to get out and kayak. There were actually some decent waves and despite my weaning endurance as my hemoglobin is down again the few rides I caught outside the safe confines of the cove were the closest thing to surfing since right before I was diagnosed with leukemia. I was a bit worried given my condition that if I flipped the boat over I might really be in trouble. The feeling of the ocean strength picking me up and carrying me, if only briefly, is a sweet feeling. I have not thought about surfing to much as I worry it may be one athletic endeavor which may be frowned upon for some time by my medical team. So the feeling today was bittersweet but still tasty.

Now I sit here watching the light dim but knowing I will not outlast the glow as the sun dips below the Homer hills. I will see it later in the night or early morning really as a brilliant sunrise during one of my multiple trips to keep my kidney function. I keep thinking I should bring my phone for a photo of the glorious light created as the sun swings back around just low enough to hide its full strength. I have lived and loved a lot of spots in life but it is really tough to compare to our spot. A guest pointed out how beneficial this must be for me. I don’t think people even have a clue how true that is.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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