Night light

To keep my kidneys happy I have to drink a lot of water. I mean a lot. Like almost 2 gallons a day. The obvious outcome of this is that I get to pee a lot still. Not nearly as much as when I was coping with BK virus but I still get to make three trips a night between 11 at night and 7 in the morning. In Anchorage it is tolerable. In Halibut Cove it is a bit trickier as I have to climb down some steep stairs and go outside. The trade off is the early morning sunrises we get here. Although I am bleary eyed the sight is usually stimulating.

I have always been gifted with the ability to fall back to sleep quickly. This morning at 445 the sky, mountain, water combo was alight with a Bob Ross like mixture of wonderful color. I climbed back to the room and got my phone/ camera to try and capture the view. It is below but does the sense of the cool wonder of the sight little justice.

When I returned to bed I couldn’t help thinking I should get up though and go enjoy the light more. I also became aliveness by the thought of donning a wet suit, hopping in the skiff, speeding around to the bay two south for a chance to dip net. About two mikes back up into China poot bay, nestled in amongst the thick temporal Forrest there is a little creek which tumbles down over a set of three waterfalls filling the narrow little canyon with mist early in the mourning. The creek eventually slides into the salty water which ebbs and flows drastically with the tides ever changing the sands and channels providing the creek access.

Years ago when I first started coming to the kachemak bay I was introduced to this most athletic of fishing styles. I suit up in a wet suit, old shoes, an old dry bag, slip a knife into the tight leg of the suit, grab a net about two and a half feet across on a twenty foot extending pole. I would lash up the boat and run/hop up the creek to the waterfalls. There I would work my way through the holes under the falls sweeping in a specific direction to pull out the 8-15 pound red salmon milling around. There were times I caught no fish, others still I would pull out the net with my limit of six fish.

I got pretty good at this over the years. The spot got far more crowded and I became much more proficient at sneaking in just as the tide was high enough to get a boat in near the creek. Often I would tie up the boat and on my return be forced to swim back out to it as the tide had cone in. I got good at going in super early in the morning anywhere from 2-6 am just to avoid the crowds and score the six fish net.

Often I would find myself flying along back up the bay towards Halibut Cove after an early morning excursion with the sky alight with the pink, orange, and golden sky reflecting off the water much as it did this morning. I often couldn’t believe my good fortune to be in such a grand spot. There were a few harrowing boat rides in less than safe conditions but I tend to block those days out.

As I lay there this morning struggling with the desire to go tussling with the required safety of my current condition I thought of those color drenched success rides back of a few years ago. I think I will get to enjoy another few of those. Maybe not as soon as I would like. But then again maybe! I eventually feel back to sleep reminded of what us truly important by the soft cadence of Brooke’s sleepy breathing only to be reawakened and reminded again as Finn slid into bed between us.

The rest of the day was further reassurance of why this place is so special. The boys playing, exploring, swimming. A short run with Brooke. The warmth of summer sun and company of great friends. I drank a lot of water today amidst all that. I am sure I will be up enough tonight to catch some amazing light even if I am not skimming across the water with a bag full of fish.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.





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