Not many people blog from sitting in a kayak but I have the opportunity to right now. We had a fun packed 4 th of July. Lots of great friends and family here in the cove. I started the day off early when I woke up and another amazing sunrise was happening. I couldn’t resist the lure of a skiff ride to check for fish in China Poot lagoon.

There were no fish and I was very cautious in the waterfalls but it was beautiful, refreshing and a joy just to be there. We spent the rest of the day after I warmed up playing on the beach, jumping on the trampoline and partaking in the Halibut Cove softball game. Brooke even managed to convince the softball crowd to involve the little kids in a kick ball game. Needless to say by 7 my boys were exhausted.

The tiredness did not stop a 4 th of July Dock plunge though. Brooke, joe and the boys all went swimming.

We eventually got off to sleep. This morning has started off with me in a kayak waiting for the crew at the Saddle trail head for a hike to the glacier. What an amazing place to live. I can’t believe a year ago I was waiting for a stem cell transplant. Unbelievable. Life.

head up heart strong. I need a cure.



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