Farming and pole polishing

24 hours in Halibut Cove can be such a wild little ride. I had written yesterday about my emotional tear ducts and how part of the waterworks was due to just being so happy to be here enjoying the time. After that post I brought the kids home and Brooke and I had a little date night. We hired a babysitter for probably only the third time in Liam’s seven years. Not because we are cheap skates (although maybe we are) but because we are lucky to have so much willing help. Whatever the case is we got to enjoy a night at the Saltry restaurant which is always a delight. The atmosphere is a bit different there for us. As we were not around much last year and the crew working there has changed we don’t get quite the VIP treatment we used to in the years after Brooke worked there and we knew everyone. Still the food was tasty and the company of Brooke was just as savory.

With all things Halibut Cove though the end to the night was not as planned. When we got home and relieved Rachael from kid sitting we were heading towards bed when we heard a drip, drip, drip. We were not horribly surprised to find the area under the sink soaking wet. Luckily a well placed dish bucket used for holding part of the water filtration system had corralled most of the water. Despite the initial hope that the water was coming from a leaky connection we soon found that the culprit was the sink ring itself. Normally this would not be a tremendously hard fix but in a 25 plus year old house on the edge of Alaska it is never really that easy. After an hour or so of wrangling the sink we were able to reset the sink ring and get the whole thing hooked back up. What a better way to finish a date?

This morning we were up to get take the boys and some other local kiddos out to the Mussel Farm run by our friends the Bates. As usual we had not prepared for the tide (funny how you think we would always have that in our minds after a lifetime of constant 20 foot tidal changes). We did eventually row through the bar channel and collected the other group of kids. We got to the farm to find out that Weatherly was working away on her own as Greg had developed some incapacitating back pain. After a shortened tour (which sort of bummed the kids out) Brooke returned to the island with the kids but I volunteered to help with the mussel collection. I have never been a good farmer and I am sure I wasn’t much of a help but hanging out harvesting mussels on a nice sunny day was pretty tolerable.

After a short spell Weatherly had enough although maybe she was tired of directing me and just gave up. She was happy to get back to her main boat and after helping her and Greg load their bigger boat I was released with a passing grade as a mussel farmer in time for a late lunch with the boys. After getting everyone ready for a birthday party I suddenly developed a lovely swollen lip which I can only believe now is another one of my bodies slight overreaction to a bug bite. I have been cursing these bites the last three weeks as they are quite large. This one was a bit concerning though as it was not really itchy. I elected not to go to the party.

After cleaning up and working on my upcoming speaking engagement a bit. I turned my attention to the newly installed dryer we set up this week. I had rerouted an old 220 volt line and set up the dryer but the breaker kept flipping. After multiple changes I came to the conclusion it must have been the breaker itself. I was able to find a seemingly newer breaker and switch it out which seems to have worked.

As the family was still not back I moved on to a small project Brooke had started to refurbish some old table stand she found in one of the multiple sheds. I spent the next two hours trying different power tool methods for removing the old black paint and rust. The result is a not nearly shinny table stand but a slightly rustic looking stainless steel appearance. I just found it interesting that I can actually claim I spent the evening sitting around polishing the pole with only a slight snicker. 

The kids finally returned from what sounds like an epic birthday party, slip and slides, ocean swimming, boat jumping, marshmallows, trampoline time and some anticipated screaming. Finn came home first exhausted but very talkative. Liam came a bit later after some further swimming. He stumbled up the stairs reading a book a friend gave him while wearing his wet suit and life jacket still. It was the best ending to a 24 hours full of unexpected enjoyment. I am always thrilled to be here and just wander through a day of truly new adventures.  No tear jerking moments today but the new experiences are just as rewarding.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.



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