Lazy, rainy day

After the summer we have had in Alaska it is almost refreshing when a calm cloudy day rolls in. Yesterday the weather took a change from the sun drenched last few weeks. We were not slowed down though as the temperature was still balmy for here and the rain was minimal. We took another trip to China Poot to dipnet fish again. We weren’t very lucky with the fish but I managed to scramble with both Liam and Finn alone up to the upper water fall. The boys did amazing. Liam has really become more coordinated and confident in his climbing slippery rocks.

Today the rain was more consistent and I could feel a slight change in the speed of the day. I had a chance to talk to my E-patient advocate to get some input on my upcoming ignite talk at Stanford. I think it will be less intimidating than I thought. The boys went off to a playgroup with some friends. Brooke did a little rowing and some work around the house. After I strolled over to get the boys, Finn and I had lunch and took a wonderful nap. He fought very little and fell asleep on my arm. I could manage to get away so I just indulged in the pleasure of an hour long nap with him.

After waking up he was in a pretty good mood and we took a little adventure in the skiff to a beach which is positioned just in front of a small tidal lagoon. We picked up Liam and Nico on our way. The boys had a wonderful time swimming around in the tidal stream which is created with the outgoing tide. We had a little fire going and the boys took occasional breaks to warm up. Even in the constant drizzle the evening was enjoyable. We poorly executed our planned beach dinner picnic so instead zipped back home for some pasta and warm showers. Liam was not really excited about going to the Lagoon but as we had dinner he was pretty adamant that we plan on spending all day there tomorrow.  Even if it is another lazy rainy day.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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