Pictures don’t do it justice.

After a partly successful trip yesterday afternoon to Rusty’s lagoon to swim we made a more whole hearted attempt today. I took the boys and their friends Vera, Rockwell and their nanny Emma back to the lagoon.

Liam was exctatic about going again. He was very helpful in setting the boat up off shore and swimming back in. The other kids got into their wet suits and in no time were all swimming and jumping around in the shallow out flowing creek from the lagoon. We took a little foam surfboard which was a hit.

The day turned into a beautiful partly sunny and warm day. We had a fire going which the kids used to warm up and eventually used for some s’mores. We made lunch, were joined by Brooke and Joe and Ashley. The tide tinted shortly after we arrived and by the time the kids were exhausted 5 hours later they were floating back up the inlet creek in a swift current.

I really wished I could be swimming as the water was brilliantly clear. The rocks below the surface were a pale blue punctuated by the occasional yellow green of mossy rocks or sea weed. The floating seemed more like flying over the small canyon that was initially a walkable stream flowing out.

The pictures I did take were as woefully unimpressive as my description of the beauty and fun of the day. Although I did not get to swim, jump or flits with the kids I felt like a kid again. Exploring a river on a summer day has the ability to transport anyone back to those joyous moments of childhood. Crossing a current, swimming carefree, lounging in the sun as the air warms you again. Granted we needed wet suits and a fire today but the kids will surely recall these days as magical in the future. How wonderful to be a part of it.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.




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