Not a boring day

So I could write about my little bit of sadness I get every time I leave Halibut Cove each time I get more time there because I am constantly worried I might not make it back now, but instead I will talk about how yesterday and today were days full of events which I really enjoyed. We started the morning off yesterday with a mellow ride out of the Cove on the Danny J ferry. Liam decided he was going to stay with Grandma Toni which I can’t blame him for not wanting to leave. It was nice to see him so comfortable that he didn’t even mind that we just left him. It was good to see Finn excited because he knew he would have some Mommy and Daddy time to himself. The ride back to Anchorage was not as crowded as I expected. We stopped in Girdwood for a nice little hike. Finn was gung ho and made it three miles without really any complaints or carries which I think is good for a four year old.

We saw the bore tide as we left and headed into Anchorage and I got a bit nostalgic for the old days. I would have loved to have jumped out and pulled a board off and hopped in the water. Alas we had no board and my concern for my well being seemed stronger than normal. We didn’t really even stop as traffic had picked up but it looked wild.

Today I woke up early and went for a little run. I haven’t been really active just because I was a bit worried about my hemoglobin but I felt being back in the city I might as well test my heart out. If I passed out at least I was now somewhere I could get appropriate help rather quickly. I felt relatively good though. I made it 6 miles in under an hour with a stop at point Warnzof to gaze back at the foggy early morning city as it woke up.

After returning home I convinced Brooke and Finn to roll down to our local coffee shop before we headed over to the Stiassny house to watch the World cup final and have some brunch. It was fun to see everyone. The Cants were back from a trip to a wedding in Ireland and a visit to Robbie’s family in Scotland. Finn and Isla were pretty excited to see each other. Daron Dykema also showed up and we hadn’t seen him in a while as he had been working and traveling mainly to Montana and Honduras. The Stiassny’s were wonderful hosts as always and made some great food.

The game itself was entertaining for me. I am not sure everyone else was as excited. I seemed to be the only one routing for Germany. Mainly I just want a team which beat the US to win so we have some street credibility that we lost to the world champs. Realistically though it was more entertaining to see the kids running around and talk to everyone.

Somewhere along the line we got to talking about the Bore Tide and I tried to convince Brooke she should go. I called up our local expert Anson, whom I have written about before as we had an amazing adventure once at 3 am under a full moon on the Bore tide together. I hadn’t talked to him in a long while and he was willing to take Brooke. The timing was wrong as she had a soccer game though and in a spontaneous decision I decided to go despite the recommendation I not really be swimming or surfing.

The decision was a great one, at least now it feels that way. Although the weather was windy and a bit drizzly the chance to hang out with Anson was fun and the wave the bore tide created was one of the best I have ever been on. We went to a slightly different area than I had been before and i had a blast. I took my Go-pro but the battery died after 11 seconds and the wave wasn’t even to us. None the less the ride was great. To be surfing again was like a freeing of shackles. I know every time I get to do something I used to do I feel so invigorated. This was another one of those moments. Although I fell off the wave after about 4 minutes it was a sweet 4 minutes. I had a couple clean faced wave sections and had I not been worried about a couple other guys getting close to me I would have rode even further.

once I fell off my stamina was not what it used to be and I was unable to paddle back on. I had to float the next 2 miles back to the car but even that was enjoyable. Being out in the middle of the Turnagain Arm, the Chugach Mountains looming over with the occasional streaks of snow and the virgo of a small rain storm lit up by the lowering sun as I looked back down the arm was surreal. I couldn’t believe I was back in such an amazing place doing something you can only do in a few places on earth. I felt for that 20 minutes of riding and gliding with the power of the ocean, earth and moon working together around me that yes indeed the world I live in is right.  Even if I had to leave the Cove, cope with life, and deal with Leukemia there are forces which make even those struggles seem tolerable. Even though I have had some harsh lessons this year the lesson that enjoying these moments is far more important.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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