Travel joys.

Mini van foot rubs, seating assignments, ant crash derbies created by Finn blowing, windmill counting, arguments about “cool guy sandals”, farm river floating, tears from sappy pop songs, searching for sun after the heaviest rain day in seattle, and discussions about eject cars as we roll through the high desert. That is just the first half of our first really travel day as a family in a great while. We spent the night with Val and Alex. This morning we have crossed the cascades headed toward eastern Washington in search of some sunny swimming and camping for the boys. Cousin Gen joined for some improved company which created quite the havoc as we loaded up. The boys really wanted her attention.

We are really just exploring which we haven’t done a lot of in the last year outside our confinement a of the 30 minute rule from a known hospital. It is exciting for the kids. Then again they are pretty easily entertained.

I couldn’t help already this morning talking to my group to get my privileges back at the hospitals so I can work again. I also couldn’t resist offering to work. I think it is more of a trial basis so I know I can handle it. I am already rehearsing in my head what I am going to tell patients when I walk in all gowned and masked more for my protection but hopefully not freaking them out about their own situation. I will come up with something.

For now I will just enjoy the adventure of exploring with the clan. The freedom of a little travel and the idea that life may be just a bit more normal feeling for the moment. The thought of cancer, liver issues, kidney problems aren’t far from my mind but the little joys of the day are winning.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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