sunny friends

A cloudy day can always be made sunnier by good friends.

We spent the morning doing chores around the house before Finn and I went for a short bike ride and some park time. Liam and Brooke worked on her next project for me which is painting our garage, Liam some how loved mudding the little holes. I have to admit there might be other benefits to going back to work than just being involved in medicine again. One of which will be I can do fewer home projects.

After some lunch we met up with Alexis Robert-Keiner a good friend of Brooke’s from growing up and a loyal reader of my posts and supporter, and the Rob Church gang. The morning which had been sort of dreary and grey slowly turned into a beautiful sunny Alaska day. The kids had a blast flying Grandpa’s glider off the small hill at Lyn Ary and running around. The glider made my conversations very interruption prone but seeing friends whom we haven’t seen in a while was wonderful. Later we were joined by Regan and Sara two more friends from the neighborhood. I hated to stop our conversation but Jim had volunteered to watch the boys so Brooke and I could get a little run in together which doesn’t seem to be happening very often (the run or time together).

After a Kincaid jaunt without any bears or moose we made dinner while the boys played in the evening sun on a rapidly built slip and slide. Despite having a flat yard I managed a slide off the deck which was pretty entertaining. We ended the evening with a bath but then I made a classic poor daddy choice, I wound the kids up. Finn wanted to show me his swing into a pillow pit he had made. This morphed into a wild swing aided by my pushing and encouraging them to let go and fly through the air into the pile of pillows. Thirty minutes later and two wild boys I tried to get them to go to sleep. Silly me. 

Right now Brooke is enjoying the warm Alaska evening sun at our local (walkable, yeah!) beer/coffee restaurant with Alexis while I threaten “sleepy friend” removal and time out in the “dungeon” to get Finn to be calm. Well at least the evening was sunny and thanks to all our great friends. 

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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