Saltry memories

We all have a lot of memories of life. The ability to reflect is a wondrous gift which as humans we seem to be very good at corralling or at least communicating to others. We love to talk about the places we have been, the experiences we have had, the troubles we have faced up and the struggles we have survived. There is no doubt that I am very guilty of doing this quite frequently. The wild aspect of this is that our memories are often quite different from each others. Some one might remember and event in one way while their best friend standing right next to them only inches away can recall the moment like they were not even in the same room.


The different angles of life and the memories which are created at what make us who we are. The different view leads us all to be individuals. The experience can be collective but the memory is clearly an individual experience. No matter how you spin a situation we all carry a different aspect. Yet every so often a moment in time can be etched into multiple minds with a very similar sense of feeling.


I spent the last year of my life worrying and wondering a whole lot about memories. I listened and read a great deal about what memories are and when we have them. Obviously this stemmed from that scary point in my life when I thought maybe Liam and Finn wouldn’t remember their dad. Lots of us have difficulty remembering much before we are 5. Those moments which do build a little nest in our brain before that age usually come from some highlight or more likely a lowlight.


When you think about all these points, the different view point, when you start building memories, and the thought that although memories are collective they are individual it is amazing when one memory or point in time can effect so many people. We have all experienced those times. Like the earliest memories a majority of these tend to be darker rather than lighter. Yet, there are those good memories which many everyone involved enjoy. One of the earliest memories my wife has, at least what she will tell me, is the opening of the Saltry restaurant. 30 years ago the little restaurant on the little island in the Kachemak bay opened up. She remembers the house being floated up and put on the dock. She actually remembers the opening night. I am sure the raising of the Saltry and the opening were more terror provoking for Dave and Marion. But through the last 30 years so many grand memories have been created at their spot.


This is where memories become even more interesting. The memories of a single spot can become so widespread and amazing that they seem to break so many of the basic understandings of memory. People start of recall events so similar, a universal view point is taken, people who weren’t even there for an event seem to have an image of what occurred, and can create a warm calming effect even if they haven’t experienced the event. The Saltry is full of memories. Good and bad but overtime the general thoughts of this place become extremely positive. Despite the hard work those who toil there put in, they all have fond thoughts and crazy stories of the time spent there. More over so many people who haven’t been an intricate part of the building of the institution can feel like they are part of something special.


The Saltry restaurant started as a simple idea to create a mixture of food and art in an absolutely phenomenal place. Rarely do such simple ideas become such grand and intricate parts of so many people’s lives. Once in awhile these ideas really do create their own momentum (with a lot of hard work hidden somewhere) and more over become a creator of memories. Dave and Marion have accomplished this. The community of Halibut Cove would not be the same without what they have built. The community would not be as big, diverse, or stable as it is given it’s location if it wasn’t for their effort. Our memories would not be as special without the Saltry. I wasn’t there for the opening, but I feel like I was already a part of it. I have been a part of many wonderful moments since then over my 16 years around here. Some day maybe my kids will remember being here for the party and celebration we were part of last night. I am sure they will already have some positive recollection of this spot. What a wonderful gift.


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