Tiny drops

We do a lot of our living on boats in Halibut Cove. We all love the water or we probably wouldn’t or shouldn’t be living here. Most of us don’t even mind the water in the form of rain. The last week though has clearly changed some of that sentiment. Given the amazing summer we seem to have had in south central Alaska most people sort of felt we were due for some rainy, gray weather. The fact the weather has been so nice this summer is a good rebuttal mentally to the fact summer is rapidly coming to a close. We are lucky it hasn’t also been cold which it can so often be given our location.

Despite the onslaught of rain over the last week we were lucky to get a little reprieve yesterday and our family sprung on the opportunity. We dashed quickly out of the cove to Rusty’s lagoon for some paddle boarding and swimming. Although Brooke seems to think I was the one who really wanted to go (despite the fact I can’t swim or be in the water) the boys seemed pretty game. While we were there in the brief sun of the afternoon raincloud evacuation the boys were full of energy vigor as they swam around in the rapidly rising tidal current. Brooke even had some fun trying to snag a few of the wayward silver salmon (we didn’t get any, which is lucky because I am not sure snagging was legal, but it was fun to try).

Eventually the boys got cold and we retreated to the cove where the sun warmed the Maury dock. We hung out there for a while while Finn reentered the water on his little foam SUP board (really just a old surf board but his size makes it a perfect set up). Liam took an attempt at a dock jump as the tide was quite high. He sort of chickened out but being the ruthless dad I am it gently (no so much) coaxed him off the edge with a little toss. He was a little mad but quickly got over it.

Today the rain returned and we felt that ever creeping feeling of fall starting to come. Part of this feeling also rises from the need to consider leaving the Cove for the winter. We hope to get back down here this winter but we need to get all our stuff sort of buttoned up. Uncle Ian will be here more and we may decide on a Labor day trip also. But the planning of getting the skiff out and moving the other toys indoors was on our mind.

Finn and I did go for a kayak which was beautiful despite the constant rain. We talked to a number of people as went, spent about 15 minutes tracking/floating 10 feet from a little otter, talked about the rain, and eventually ended up back home soaked even through our rain gear, kayak skirts and life jackets. There was a moment as we floated along which was very touching. We both got quiet  after a short little 5 minute lapse in the rain. The rain began to fall again in we listened to simple music of the tiny little splashes as they ended there trip from the clouds. The ocean was still and we could see millions of rain drops form perfect little splashes, recoil the water the inch or so back into the air, rejoin the massive pool and send out their little ripple.

The moment lasted only a short time before Finn decided making noises with his rescue whistle was more fun. I however continued to enjoy the little show of each collection of water taking it’s turn as the highpoint of it’s little bit of the ocean. I thought of how each one of those drops was like a life. Sent from seemingly out of the blue, making a splash, rising, falling back into the collective and becoming part of something so much bigger than itself. Each drop contributing some little piece of what can be considered the greatest resource we have and maybe the strongest force of nature. Together the little drops, the larger collections of water can carve rocks, create monster waves, hide riches, claim victory over any other element but it also can provide us life, sustain life, and reminded us of how small we really are as individuals.

The rain looks like it will continue. There are places which would love this much rain, this much gray sky, this life giving resource. Although many of us here feel we have had enough, moments like mine today should remind us all how lucky we are to just experience life, to be here no matter what the weather. We are all part of some grander story and collective. We should be happy to be just a little splash in such an ocean.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.





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