Medicine X

The lady few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. I enjoyed Tuesday with Finn by taking a bike ride trip to the museum which he had been skiing for all summer. It is amazing to watch his progression through the imaginarium at the museum over the last few years. He used to just sit and watch the giant ball maze as the balls flew around on the little track. He moved on to the trains last year but this year he wads far more into the air flow experiments. Watching him try out different plans he is clearly devising in his head is fascinating.

I spent the afternoon riding with an old ski racing nemesis who I can’t believe I never really got to know when we were younger. It was enjoyable and just what I needed before a few days of being trapped inside.

In the evening Brooke and I scrambled to get the kids all packed for a week at toni and pops. Liam was excited because he likely knows how to conjole grandmas and grandpas into more freedom. Finn was more apprehensive. It is the first time he has been away from Brooke and me since the forced separations of last years cancer canyon. He eventually went off to sleep and Brooke and I returned home to ready for the trip to Med X.

We had barely packed and got a little sleep before we got in a plane headed towards Stanford. The flight was pretty amazing. Lots of sun and great views along the way. Not quite the same high as climbing a mountain on our own but still impressive to be gandering down on the world. As we came over San Francisco Bay we got a good view of old Mare Island, home of Tuoro medical school. I had some vivid memories of my years there exploring the old navy yards and wondered if those, at the time, fun adventures were to blame for my leukemia. It is always a wild thought provoking feeling to question where those messed up cells got there start.

After landing and playing with some car rental companies (I messed up the reservation) we did make it up to Stanford in time for my chance to practice my upcoming Ignite talk on stage with a critic. I think she was biased as her husband had lymphoma and she clearly understood the feelings of bone marrow cancer. She did provide some good tips though and although I am still pretty sure I will mess it all up at least I effected one person.

Today after a early morning walk I spent the day in a session on patients and a pharmaceutical team discussing how to involve patients more in clinical trials. Very interesting discussions and potential outcomes. I kept quiet though mostly because I felt like there was much to be heard. Although I wanted to chime in I have learned that occasionally I get more than I offer.

What really amazed me was the frantic aspect of the day. Frantic in that I don’t know how some people were able to focus on the discussion in person, on twitter, in small groups, and with outside input. I do know the interface and interaction via social media is a big thing here but if we were in a medical school or any school for they matter the amount of screen interaction would be frowned upon. I guess though this makes this conference different. I guess just like learning to cope with cancer I better challenge myself which is why I am here. I doubt I will be tweeting all the time but maybe I can pick up info from both the live and cyber worlds. I think I will end up pretty tired, but I can rest when… well just not today.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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