Ship shape

It really feels like fall is rapidly closing in on us here in Alaska. I woke up at 6 am to get my labs drawn, it was pitch black and raining hard. The darkness is something which is not that uncommon to most people this time of the year but in Alaska we get so accustomed to the wonderful summer light it is a bit awkward when there is no light. Granted this time of year is quite similar in the amount of daylight we get to the rest of the lower 48 but after never worrying about the outdoor lighting for the last 4 or 5 months it is always disorienting to stumble out into the rainy darkness. Even driving this time of year can be a bit awkward because the rain seems to suck up the light. By the middle of winter the light reflects off the snow making it seem much brighter but now it is just lost in the spaces between the drops and puddles.

Despite this I didn’t have to wait to get my blood drawn, always nice, and I was back home in time to cuddle with the family a bit before we all started the week. The boys enjoyed a rain drenched splash ride to school. Finn was already in need of a change of clothes despite his rain gear by the time I dropped him off. But the clouds cleared as I rode back home. I am scheduled for Jury Duty this week and so I am not working. Brooke happened to have the day off as well. As the sun was dancing in and out through the clouds we decided to go for a run/Hike up in the mountains. This is something we don’t get to do enough together lately. After a couple miles in the dense undergrowth of late summer green and early fall yellow we popped out into the fiery red, orange and yellow of the upper level tundra. Mixed with the rapidly moving clouds letting in bursts of sunlight the late morning was perfect for a short climb. Looking back through the Wolverine valley and down out over the Campbell creek flats to the wider Anchorage bowl we could see the swirling clouds dropping misty rain across parts of town and the Cook inlet. The mountain ranges far to the North and West were obscured by thick white clouds but occasionally they peaked though.

As we climbed up into the windy much colder and exposed ridges I realized I felt pretty good. Of late I have felt out of shape compared to my old self, which I have come to accept but I still miss that feeling of being able to live in a zone of exercise induced discomfort which most people shy away from. This being said given my recent health the fact that I can even be up in the hills running around is rewarding enough. Yet, today I felt good. There have been times this last year Brooke has actually been dragging me along as she waits patiently for me to keep moving. I was a bit worried at first that maybe she didn’t feel good but I started to realize it was more that I just felt stronger than I have lately. To me this is a wonderful feeling, not what I ever imagined a year ago as I lay around sleep deprived and missing the outdoors as I couldn’t be more than a few minutes from a bathroom.

I did eventually get quite cold though. This is something I have still not grown accustomed to. I think it is about the only downfall I can attribute to my new feminine blood (horrible stereotyping, for all I know my donor takes ice baths and lives without heat all year). But I do seem to get colder a  lot quicker. Every time it happens I freak out a little that I either have some new chills and infection or my hemoglobin dropped, neither of which seem to be the case. I did wuss out a bit and decided to turn around earlier than expected because I didn’t want to freeze and the wind was really starting to blow.

After getting home I finished working on the annual garage reorganizing. When the leaves start to fall we start to clean our little garage out and but it into some semblance of order. It is a bit like organizing a small sailing craft. If everything is put back just right than we can actually use it functionally with one car in it. This has become more difficult over the last five years of living here as the boys have gathered more equipment. We have managed again to get it arranged though and the impending cold mornings and ice is free to come now, I would prefer snow though. I always find it rather funny that I spend a good deal of time getting everything lined up and sorted and my car still does not end up in the garage. Small price though for the support of such a wonderful woman.

The truth is today was very enjoyable. I didn’t accomplish much, but I got some little stuff done. I took time for myself, with my best friend, we enjoyed some of the real reason we love it here. We saw some beautiful views. Hung out with two beautiful little boys, even when they are soaking wet. Over all things fit into place nicely and I felt well…ship shape.

I hope the sailing is smooth for bit longer.

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.


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