Out living

My somewhat nasty attitude from my last post has changed a bit. No real reason except that I realize that airing my opinion on my posts does seem to often bring me a bit of clearer vision. I still think as I look around that we as humanity could still be a bit more community minded. I include myself in that “we” for sure. I am sure there are ways I could be more caring about those around me. This being said part of the reason I am in a better mood is that the Kam-Magruder couple pulled me out for a wonderful mini Alaska adventure. Monday morning after getting my routine blood withdrawl, getting the kids off to school and driving up into the foothills of the Chugach mountains I was reminded yet again of why I live here.

The morning was cool, the first real chill of fall but it was brought on by the lack of clouds acting as the heat trapping blanket we have become accustomed to over the last few weeks. Although the sun streaked through the nooks and passes of the surrounding mountains it had brought with it the early morning “cold before the dawn”. There was a light dusting of termination dust on the mountains and the reds and oranges of the northern fall were abundant. We ran/hiked out from the Glen Alps parking lot into the bright Powerline valley and made our way up the little chute between Little Omalley Peak and Omalley Peak proper. We had a wonderful view of the Anchorage bowl and the Tordillo, Alaska, and Talkeetna Mountains. We scampered across the semi flat area known as the Football field and then were rewarded with the Willowwa Lakes overview.

The Willowwa Valley was amazing. It is so close and relatively simple but so infrequently visited given the number of people who live within 15 miles of the area. We made our way down to the lakes. I ran far to fast and dangerous for an old man but that is one activity that really makes me feel young. I remember so often growing up on hikes and being told not to run downhill, then morphing overtime into just a way to get a simple rush. Now I hear in my head the requests from so many to slow down and be safe but the feeling of being on the edge is to fun to pass up. At the bottom we passed Black Lake which is well named. Sitting under the shadow of Omalley peak it is a sink hole of light. We eventually made int down to Willowwa lakes and back out the valley and around.

I was tired by the end but extremely glad I went. I used to know that these types of activities were good for me both mentally and physically. I know now they are good for me mentally but I am not so sure physically. I have been trying to be a bit more active lately but I think it caught up to me. When I got home I checked my labs only to have the joy of the day sort of drain away. My kidney function which has been tenuous but improving was worse than I have seen it in months. This is never very comforting but I seem to be coping okay by just realizing I am maybe doing to much lately. It is hard because I feel pretty good but I know that the edge is close by.

Maybe like the downhill running I know that I could get myself in trouble if I am not extra cautious with my lifestyle. At the same time if I don’t try getting out for long runs, mountain bike rides, or soccer games I wouldn’t really be living my life. I know that is not for everyone. In fact, I am glad it isn’t because then all these activities would be overly crowded (see I should be more community focused rather than selfish). We all have those vices. I wish all our vices were as healthy as mine can be. It is pretty hard to accept that mine maybe aren’t that healthy for me. I am going to keep hoping thought that my body, my new cells, my liver, my kidneys, and my mind can all get on the same page and let me keep living happily.



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