Shaky day

Well all the talk in my area of Alaska today is about our 10 seconds of rocking and rolling. Yes, only 10 seconds and no it wasn’t really music. We had a 6.24 earthquake which in most of the rest of the world would be pretty big news but probably no one outside of Alaska really cared. Maybe they did. The truth is it didn’t really seem that bad but anytime we get a decent sized rumbler we all get a little nervous. Obviously we have had some big quakes here in Alaska, the most famous being the 1964 Good Friday quake. I was clearly not around for that but the stories all come to light pretty vividly when we have these smaller quakes. Our house is solidly in a red zone and there are clear signs everywhere of the damage that the 1964 quake caused in our neighborhood (empty lots with old fragmented foundations, rolling land which was once flat, and pieces of houses still washing out of the beach below our park) which makes any quake more concerning.  We had no damage today and it would appear only grocery stores and law offices were targeted (we found it sort of comical that Law offices had lots of shelves tip over, they would probably be willing to sue some one else if it wasn’t in their own building).

I was in the car and this was the first time I have ever been in a car and felt one. I have been in the car many times and not felt a thing so this was different. Tonight we asked the kids about their experience and they seemed to think it was pretty entertaining rather than scary. Brooke probably had the wildest ride of our family. She was at work and the Hospital is really built to sway. Otherwise the day was pretty routine not much to write about but I thought I would drop a line so if anyone else outside our little bubble of Alaska heard about the earthquake they would know we were still standing.

As I don’t have much to say here is a cute picture of my kids at breakfast (probably lost a bunch of readers with this post, sorry).

Head Up, Heart Strong. I need a cure.



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