Living with Leukemia

On March 12th 2013 I was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. This was a tremendous blow to me as a healthy young adult, as a father, as a son, as a husband, as a physician and as a human. I started posting to CaringBridge (which you can still visit and see my posts, I often look back at them to remember where I was and what I went through ) to inform people of my status and as a way to leave some memories of myself for my boys 2 and 5 years old at the time whom I was afraid (and still am) might never know or remember me. Over the next year I garnered so much strength and positive energy from posting and the people who read that I wanted to see if I could find an appropriate forum to keep posting. This is where I hope to keep the feeling going, to remind everyone that life is amazing. We should enjoy the days good and bad. We should not fear the inevitable but enjoy the others whom are here with us and the experiences which are life.


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